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4 Reasons to Join Black Beaver Athletic

We've all been there. The new year is creeping up and you've vowed to get into shape. Next thing you know, it's almost June and that set of dumbbells you bought are sitting in the corner collecting dust. Whether you're looking to get stronger just want to live an overall healthier lifestyle, here are 4 reasons to get started with Black Beaver Athletic.

We are Black Beaver Athletic

In the beginning, we started off as Black Beaver CrossFit. But since taking over ownership in 2017, we've changed our name and decided to focus on agility, strength, and cardio versus getting stronger, faster (which can lead to injury). We want to see you improve at a pace you feel comfortable, in as little or as much weight training you need.

Improve your outdoor performance

As a community of outdoor enthusiasts, we all know that burning feeling you get in your arms and/or legs the first day back on the trails or slopes. Black Beaver Athletic tailors every program we offer to all your mountain activities so that you can perform at your very best (and maybe not get winded after four peddles up Sunburst Drive, am I right?).

Cheaper than a night out

Who doesn't love a good night out with friends? It's basically a rite of passage when becoming a Sun Peaks resident. Drop in rates for our facilities start at $10. If you add up all those shots you bought your friends, cocktails, beers and everything else in between, you could've used our facilities ten times for the same price as a $100 night out.

Our resident dog Cinder

Just look at those puppy dog eyes. Need we say more?

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