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Elite Athlete: Jenn Oliver

A self-described runner freak, Jenn Oliver has found her stride at Black Beaver athletic.

How long have you been training at Black Beaver Athletic (BBA)?

I moved to Sun Peaks the end of September 2018. I started training at Black Beaver Athletic in October 2018.

How many times a week do you train?

I train 4-5 times per week depending on my schedule in group classes. I attend 3 mornings and 2 evening classes in the run of a week.

What drew you to start training at BBA?

I have always been dedicated to take time out of my day for a workout at the gym. Since moving to Sun Peaks, I wanted to keep my routine the same. I was super excited to join a new gym that’s not a chain across Canada. It’s fun to switch things up!

How did you find out about the programs that are offered?

My first week in Sun Peaks I visited Jase at the gym and he explained the different programs offered. The programs and weekly schedule are outlined on the website.

What program did you choose and why?

I train in the Alpine Conditioning classes. I am a huge runner freak so any physical activity to help me train for the roads and trails has my interest.

What fitness goals were you hoping to achieve when you first joined and had BBA helped you in getting closer to those goals?

Being a runner, I had very little strength training. I was interested in gaining some arm and leg strength to make post-running recovery tolerable and those falls on the slopes an easy recovery (I am not a talented skier lol). BBA has definitely helped me achieve my goals. I have noticed a difference and I am super thankful for the coaches who helped me the past 8 months.

Have there been any unexpected outcomes from training at BBA?

Moving from St. John’s, Newfoundland I was not used to training in high elevation from living at sea level. This was a struggle at first but training in high elevation has made me a stronger athlete. Also, I have gained muscle and strength I never thought I could and it has made such a difference! I definitely see benefits from this training in the races I have done. Who knew carrying a case of water from Costco could be such a struggle? Now give me two cases no problem ;)

What would you say to someone who’s considering joining BBA?

I would totally recommend BBA! The schedule is very accommodating with early morning classes to start your day off right or an evening class to switch up your day. You just have to simply click “reserve” on the app and you’re signed up for your workout. Everyone should take an hour out of their day and focus on themselves! The atmosphere is fun! You have an awesome workout with good company and the best music. Who would turn that down?

Finally, when you're not at the gym, where can we find you?

You can find me at a local coffee shop, exploring the outdoors on a hike or run, a spin class is another favourite of mine, or just relaxing at home is always good for the soul! Oh, and the golf course.


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